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Royal Visitor Boost for Shankill

Some of the Royal Family's most loyal subjects welcomed a Royal Visitor today, when Prince Edward visited Belfast's Shankill Road.

Prince Edward with Dame Mary Peters, meets local residents as he arrives at the Spectrum Centre on the Shankill RoadThe Prince arrived at the Spectrum Centre to cheering on-lookers despite the necessary security around the visit. The Prince was recognising the work of the Belfast Activity Centre in the Greater Shankill, through its Youth Build initiative, which has worked with 100's of young people from the area over the past 3 years; introducing them to personal development programmes, through outdoor pursuits at its South Belfast Headquarters.

Inside the Spectrum Centre the Prince met many of the young people, who put on various performances for him and he also met a wide range of community workers from the Greater Shankill. Tom Scott, Chairman of the Greater Shankill Partnership and the Belfast Activity Centre, who organised the visit, welcomed the Prince and said it was a great day for the Shankill and it would give the area a boost. He said he wished everyone in the area could have known about the visit in advance, but that this was obviously impossible for security reasons.

Prince Edward is the second Royal to visit the Shankill. Back in 1996, Prince Charles visited Argyle Business Centre on a glorious June day.

The Belfast Activity Centre's Greater Shankill Youth Build programme, is funded under Neighbourhood Renewal for the Greater Shankill area by the Belfast Regeneration Office.