Health & Wellbeing

The main development work around health and wellbeing is focused on keeping health on the local agenda.  This involves building and maintaining a process of engagement and enhancing local capacity to identify and respond to need.  It also involves making sure that those issues which have been identified are reflected in planning processes at a Strategic level.

Shankill is the 6th most deprived super output area (SOA) in the whole of Northern Ireland for multiple deprivation. This is very high when you consider that there are 890 SOAs in Northern Ireland. A SOA is an area which contains a population of 2000 people.

The effects of multiple deprivation have had a very negative impact on the health and wellbeing of those living in the area. This is evidenced through:

  • Prevalence of mental health issues
  • Low uptake of screening services
  • Low breastfeeding rates
  • High dependence on prescription and illegal drugs
  • Higher hospital admission rates for heart conditions, cancer, respiratory conditions and asthma.